Short Sale Information

Short Sale Information

We all experience hardships from time to time, unfortunately more and more these days for a number of different reasons people may find themselves either about to fall or falling behind on their mortgage. Thus starts the beginning of hassling phone calls, being published in the paper, NED lists and above all…the stress.

This page is short, simple, and gets one thing across….if you are falling behind or think you may soon…please call or email a Real Estate Professional so that you can discuss your options. Moreso, you may start by calling the Foreclosure Hotline or Speaking to a HUD Counselor.

Foreclosure Hotline – 1-888-995-4673

HUD Counselor-

This is the first step, you will get unbiased information on your situation and help determine if any programs are available to you. Losing your home to foreclosure and having the sheriff at your door is not your only option!

Please feel free to call or email me for a confidential discussion about your situation. We can meet at my office, your home or I can buy you a cup of coffee, your choice.